The best character-driven, no-BS headshots in LA that focus on YOU and YOUR LOOK to STAND OUT to Casting Directors viewing tiny images on their screens. Actor Headshots need to do ONE thing, catch the eye of the casting director and get them to click on YOU. Once inside your profile they can see ALL of your images, but if your headshot is lost in the wallpaper of thumbnails, you will never have a chance.

Most headshots are shot to sell photography services, so headshot photographers make pretty images with cool backgrounds and lighting that looks great. It’s also more fun to shoot artistic headshots than take the time to focus on the look of the actors and their goals, which is to get the casting director to click on YOU! Fancy bokeh balls and shots that look like cinematic stills will not get you in the door but they do sell headshot sessions!

Our headshots focus on extracting the characters you are going after. No crazy backgrounds. We do not want to distract from your face, your eyes, your mouth, your attitude, your character and YOU! Of course we can always shoot cinematic shots, and natural light shots are pretty and actually MUCH easier to shoot than having to deal with lighting, but our goal is to get you past the gatekeepers, get you seen, get you auditions and help you BOOK your next acting role.

Talent Agents and Managers love our headshots because THEY WORK! Some of our clients have booked just days after posting their new headshots, one recent client booked a commercial right off the headshot without even having to audition. Check out the testimonial videos in our packages.